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State of Tennessee Mobile Disaster Assistance Center Information

The State of Tennessee’s Mobile Disaster Assistance Center can provide you information on these services and others listed on the reverse of this page, at the date, time, and place shown below:


Monday       9-26  10 A.M.-6 P.M.

Henderson County: First Methodist Church 

27 East Church Street

Lexington, TN


Tuesday      9-27  10 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Haywood County:  West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center

121 Sunny Hill Cove

Brownsville, TN


Wednesday     9-28   10 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Dyer County :Dyer Co. Fairgrounds Family Life Center

502 James Rice Road

Dyersburg , TN


Thursday    9-29      10 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Henry County: West Tennessee Career Center

1023 Mineral Wells Ave.

Paris, TN


Friday 9-30       10 A.M. -6 P.M.

Crockett County: Crockett Co. Courthouse

1 South Bell Street

Alamo, TN


We also want to give you an opportunity to tell us about any other services that you really need !

FEMA can give you cash payments to help you get back on your feet… You can get rental assistance, travel assistance, money to buy clothes or furniture, help with medical bills, even funeral expenses, but you must register to make this happen !  Call 1-800-621-FEMA, 1-800-621-3362.  If you are hearing impaired, call the TTY registration line at: 1-800-462-7585.  You can also register on-line at:


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THE AMERICAN RED CROSS can provide meals, temporary shelter, and a range of services including cash payments to help with your immediate needs for clothing, food, and transportation.  You can talk to the Red Cross at any Hurricane Katrina Shelter, or at the local ARC Chapter in the area where you are staying.  Every county does not have an American Red Cross Chapter, so you may have to travel to a different location to apply for Red Cross assistance.


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THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, and contractors working with State Government may be able to help you.  You may be required to apply for some specific services at one of our local agency offices.  In some areas of the State we have opened “Katrina Storefront” offices where many of these services can be provided.  The local addresses for these agencies and offices are posted on an information board at the Mobile Disaster Information Center.  Write down the addresses and phone numbers for the agencies providing the services that you need, then follow-up with calls or visits to their offices. 



  • We may be able to pay rent for you, or to temporarily move you into a motel or apartment.  We will find every family a safe, decent place to live. 


  • We may be able to provide Public Housing and Section 8 Housing for those who qualified for these services in their home states.  


  • We have Career Centers all across the State.  We know where the jobs are, and can help place you in a well-paid job.  Both temporary and permanent placements are available.


  • You may be eligible for job training.  Our Job Counselors will work with you to assess your skills and match them to employers who are now hiring. 


  • We can help you file an Unemployment Compensation claim with your home state.


  • You may qualify for a Families First Emergency Assistance payment if you have a child under 18 traveling with you. 


  • You may be eligible for Food Stamp benefits to help you purchase food. 


  • If you received Child Support in your home state, we may help you get those payments delivered to you here.


  • You may be eligible for up to 9 weeks of child care assistance to help as you seek or start employment


  • We can provide you Crisis Counseling or other Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling.  Call 1-800-809-9957 – Tell them you are a Katrina evacuee, tell them what services you need, and ask how you can get them.


  • We will enroll your children in grade appropriate public schools near where you are residing.  We have a great educational system in Tennessee and will give your children the tools that they need to succeed in school… and in life.


  • Immunizations and many other Public Health services are provided in every county of the State, at County Public Health Centers.
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