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County commissioners analyze construction areas

It's no secret money is tight in Shelby County government and Commissioner Julian Bolton says he and his fellow commissioners are partly to blame.

Bolton says commissioners too often allow new construction in areas of the county that don't make sense. "We can't just continue to sit and discuss and send letters," he said. "We sink deeper and deeper. We need some decisive action."

Each time commissioners allow construction in a new area, the county spends millions on roads, sewers and other infrastructure.

Bolton would like the county to identify areas that already meet those needs and are more economically desirable for construction.

If anything Bolton feels his colleagues should think twice before voting. "They're not going to vote for development in an area that is not recommended," he said, "unless there is compelling justifiable reason."

Several commissioners were skeptical, including Michael Hooks. "We don't want to be strapped to be a bedroom community to let everything go around us and nothing grow," he said.

Hooks later said perhaps a temporary moratorium would give the county time to review proposed construction projects and how they're handled.

Commissioners decided to take a step toward detailed analysis of areas in Shelby County that haven't seen construction.

But that is a very detailed process that could be costly.

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