Roland asks for election results

There's no doubt its tough to lose by 13 votes, but Terry Roland, Republican candidate for State Senate Seat 29, wants to know if Democrat Ophelia Ford won fair and square.

"We're not making any accusations that anybody did anything wrong," Roland said. "We just want to see the results."

Roland may not be pointing any fingers but, he is alleging there were irregularities in the special election.

"We've got where people were turned away at the polls. Plus, you know a tape came up missing," he said.

Shelby County Election Commission head Greg Duckett said Wednesday there were no irregularities in the election, and the cartridge tape of votes was found.

"In the area of politics people are going to say whatever they think they can get away with that advances their cause," Duckett said.

Earlier this week Roland hand delivered a letter to the election commission, asking for all of the documents pertaining to the election, including applications for ballots.

Duckett said Roland can have all of that, but it will take a while to copy the large number of documents.

"Your going to have to literally white out the social security numbers," Duckett said.

Roland says Duckett wouldn't meet with him, but Duckett says he offered to meet with Roland.

"When I called, and told him that I want to arrange a meeting, he flat out said he didn't want to meet," Duckett said. "I was flabbergasted."

Greg Duckett says the election will be certified Monday on the local level.

Roland can still request a recount, but by law the state senate will have to grant that request.

Roland plans on meeting with the Election Commission Thursday to sort things out.