Friday deadline for Love in Action

Love in Action Executive Director John Smid and his faith based counseling program have been accused of trying to turn gay kids straight.

"Its really not an objective to turn anyone from something to something else." said Smid Wednesday.

Protests began in July after a Bartlett teenager's blog revealed he was being forced into the program by his parents. Now, the state wants to know exactly what services Love in Action is providing. They have until Friday to explain or the state will shut them down for providing mental health services with proper licensing.

"We want to certainly submit to the laws of our state and we're doing everything in our power to make sure we understand what's going on there and to comply as we feel we need to." said Smid.

Two of Paul and Kelly Rainville's daughters have gone through the program. Their youngest is still in a homosexual relationship. But they say Love in Action brought the entire family closer together, they hope the state dept of mental health will let that continue.

"For them to have to close their doors I see that as being very tragic," said Paul Rainville.

Wife Kelly would hate to see that happen. "I'm praying and I'm heartbroken about it because of all the good they do," she said.

John Smid could not go into detail about how they are preparing to meet the state's requirements. Only that he is cooperating with the state to address their concerns.

"Certainly that would be very devastating to not be able to continue doing what we're doing," said Smid.