Mother of teen who said she was raped at MEM reacts to airport surveillance video

Mother of teen who said she was raped at MEM reacts to airport surveillance video

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Investigators at Memphis International Airport said security footage casts doubt on a teenager's claim that she was sexually assaulted while waiting to board a flight last month.

However, the teen's mother said the footage still doesn't answer all of her questions.

The teen's mother told police her daughter was sexually assaulted by a man who followed her into a restroom at the airport, but security footage shows the girl never left her gate after she was escorted to the boarding area by a family member.

Now, her mother wants to make sure that footage hasn't been altered.

"As a mother, I'm just doing my due diligence to make sure what my daughter has told me is not a lie," her mother said.

The teenager who claimed she was attacked while waiting on a flight at Memphis International Airport is back home in Texas.

A spokesperson with the Houston Police Department said the teen admitted to making up the accusation between takeoff and touchdown last month.

Wednesday, the teen's mother reviewed security footage tracking her daughter's every move.

"I can look at a video, you can look at a video, but it's a difference in studying a video, and having the device to make sure this video has not been modified," her mother said.

In the video released by airport police, the teen arrives at the gate, escorted by her aunt, and sits in a chair. The girl and her aunt hug each other and the aunt leaves.

Eventually, the teen gets up and stands against the wall near the boarding area and speaks briefly to a gate agent.

The only time she leaves the area is when she walks onto the jetway to board her flight.

Her mother said she wants the video reviewed by an expert as an extra layer of comfort.

"If it shows this video has not been doctored, modified, or anything, I'm OK with saying, 'hey we have a bigger issue at hand,'" her mother said. "Maybe something happened and maybe it didn't happen there, I have no problem owning up to that."

Houston Police Department handled the teen's original complaint.

Memphis Airport Police Department said it is not pursuing charges of filing a false claim because the girl is a minor.

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