Sisterhood retreat aims to help girls deal with depression, anxiety, anger

Retreat aims to help Ridgeway High girls deal with depression, anxiety, anger

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An upcoming retreat is all about promoting girl power. The ultimate goal is to give girls the green light to express who they are and empower each other.

Last month, a fight sparked outrage across the city. The fight ultimately led to the stabbing death of 18-year-old Ridgeway High School graduate Brittney Allgood.

Chasity Torry said she can no longer stand by and witness the violent culture among girls.

"We just want to spread more love for each other and sisterhood," she said.

A Ridgeway High graduate, Torry is the founder and CEO of Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul--an organization aimed at inspiring girls to support each other.

Ridgeway High sophomore Laianna Leachman is a member.

"A lot of us have built up emotions from when we were younger and we don't know who to talk to," she said.

On September 24, Torry will give girls that platform. She's hosting the inaugural No More Bullying Sisterhood Empowering Retreat at the school.

Torry said the retreat will focus on teaching girls to deal with depression, anxiety, and anger.

"Women in the community are coming in and are excited and going to talk to the ladies. We have mental health specialists that are coming in. We are going to do great fun activities with them as well as break out sessions," she said.

She has the full support of Ridgeway Principal Dr. Jon Stencel.

"Especially when we have an alumni and someone from the community come in and offer to help our females. This is a no-brainer for us, and we're going to bring them in and we expect good things from this organization," he said.

Stencel is going on his sixth year as principal at Ridgeway, and he said from what he's been able to identify, almost all altercations between girls stem from social media.

"It's different from bullying in the sense that these girls might say something about one another on social media and they just don't have the tools in the toolbox to just let it go and move on to the next thing," he said.

"Once they have time to just have that space and time to think about how they truly feel and to know how to express themselves, they regret a lot of the things they put out on social media," Torry said.

Leachman said she's excited about the bonding experience.

"To take away from this program I feel like everyone should learn you are my sister, or be your sister's keep, be able to coexist and get along with each other," she said.

Next month's retreat is only for Ridgeway High School girls, but organizers hope to expand into more local schools soon.

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