Porch pirate caught on video snatching packages from 2 different homes

Porch pirate caught on video snatching packages from 2 different homes
(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A serial porch pirate could be on the prowl in Memphis.

New surveillance video shows deliveries being snatched at two different houses.

Carly Cowan had just left her Vollentine Evergreen home to run errands when a porch pirate caught on her surveillance video pulled up in a car just like hers, a silver Honda Civic.

"I was not very happy to see a man had pulled up very quickly, grabbed the packages tossed them in the back seat and got in the driver's seat and backed right out," Cowan said.

The man grabbed all of the packages on the front porch, with his pants falling down, put them in his car, and took off.

In East Memphis, a porch pirate arrived in a car similar to the one used at Cowan's house, also with pants falling down. He grabbed one package and took off. The man did not get anything of much value at that house, just a fuel line for a lawnmower and clips.

He didn't get anything of much street value at Cowan's house either, just lotions and a nightgown.

"He got a nightgown," Cowan said. "It obviously won't fit him."

But he did get one thing the hockey lover really wanted– an autobiography of Chicago Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita.

"Stan Mikita died a couple of days ago and so now I can't find the book anywhere and he was my favorite player, just sort of a bummer there," Cowan said.

But Cowan worries about what this crook could have gotten.

"The day before, I had gotten a prescription delivered, what if he is taking people's prescriptions?" Cowan said. "What if he didn't know I was here. I open the door to him being there."

Police are working on a theory that he may have an out of town plate on his car, possibly from Illinois.

If you recognize him or know his whereabouts, call police.

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