More indictments in the works against Roscoe Dixon

Former state Sen. Roscoe Dixon, already indicted in a public corruption case, faces more charges, a federal prosecutor said Thursday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim DiScenza didn't specify during the routine court hearing what the new indictments would charge, but prosecutors had said this summer that the investigation known as Tennessee Waltz wasn't finished.

Dixon, who resigned from the Legislature in January, was one of five current and former lawmakers indicted on bribery and conspiracy charges in May. They are accused of taking payoffs to sponsor legislation benefiting a fake company created for an FBI sting operation.

"We're preparing our defense," Dixon's attorney, Walter Bailey, said after the hearing. "We just have to wait and see how the events unfold."

Bailey had indicated last month that it wasn't certain Dixon would fight the charges at trial. Dixon didn't withdraw his innocent plea on Thursday and U.S. District Judge Jon McCalla set trial for Dec. 5.

"My client looks forward to being vindicated," Bailey said. Three defendants in the case have pleaded guilty - two accused of being "bag men" and former state Rep. Chris Newton.

All the others charged have pleaded not guilty.