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Shelter seeks owner of "Little Black"

The people of New Orleans are not the only evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. Many of their pets are finding shelter in the Mid-South.

Collierville Animal Services Supervisor, Nina Wingfield, went to New Orleans as part of an emergency task force to save animals. "There was this little black dog with this little note stapled to his collar and it said 'this is Little Black. Please take care of him' with a phone number," she said.

Springfield saved the pup from a temporary shelter in New Orleans on Wilson and Chef Highway. That note is now lost, and so is the owner's last name. She left Little Black behind during a medical emergency. "All we had was Eva," said Wingfield.

However, they do have a 901 area code cell phone number, so they brought Little Black to Memphis. Cloverleaf Animal Clinic agreed to take him in. "You know if I was separated from my dog, I would hope someone would take care of it and help me get it back," said Dr. Sue Pearce, Part-Owner of the clinic.

Cloverleaf took in 23 pets and vaccinated them. Animal Services found them foster homes, so they don't have to stay in shelters. "These animals are not up for adoption at all and our first priority is to find the owners whether it takes us a month, two months or three months," said Wingfield.

If you know Little Black's owner, Eva, or need more information on reuniting Hurricane Katrina pets, log on to or call Collierville Animal Services at (901) 457-2670.

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