Memphis woman worries about family's tough travels

As television images of traffic jams in Texas filled with people trying to outrun Hurricane Rita are broadcast throughout the nation, a Memphis woman feels a very personal connection. Marlaw Moore watches for her family members.

"It's a panic moment," she said, "really unsure if your relatives are okay."

Four of Moore's family members are trying to get from Houston to Memphis. They left Thursday morning and in 14 hours were only able to travel 100 miles.

"They were going really slow, maybe an inch here, and an inch there," Moore said. "Once in awhile they would pick up speed, then it would just get slow."

That stop and go traffic burned up their gas, and soon Moore's family was stuck in Lufkin, Texas. Every gas station was sold out.

"They were told a tanker was coming with gas, but they couldn't find the owner," Moore said.

Her family in Memphis briefly considered taking filled gas cans to their relatives, but were afraid they would get stuck themselves.

"It's really frustrating," Moore said, "because you can't go help. The only thing you can do is wait, because if you get caught in it, you'll be stuck there, too."

As the waves and rain pick up, and Rita roars ashore, Moore can do little more than watch TV, and hope her family members are safe.