New Orleans evacuees feel sting of Hurricane Rita

While the youngest evacuees keep cool at the Memphis Red Cross assistance center, parents wait for the latest word on Rita.

"I don't think it can do much more damage maybe it can but it's the morale I'm worried about," said Jeffrey Brite of New Orleans.

The storm behind the storm is wearing on the nerves of evacuees who have been displaced for weeks.

"It's been almost a month that I've never been back to my home," said Edward peabody of St. Bernard Parish.

Peabody is among those who tried to return home to the New Orleans area this week, but he was forced to turn back.

"All the city's back under water again," said Peabody.

During his first trip to Memphis someone stole the one thing Edward Peabody was able to save, his prized pick up truck. When members of Advent Presbyterian Church got wind of his troubles they raised money to buy him another one. It was a bright spot in what has been a dark time in so many lives.

"I cry a lot at night, in the morning, in the rest room you know its hard to keep from crying," said Peabody.

Surviving one hurricane took a lot of faith, hope and help.

"With this new storm I'm worried that its going to knock the morale out of those who wanted to go back I heard a statistic that only half the refugees wanted to go back," said Brite.

That was before the levees were breached for a second time.

"That has me concerned because I love the city and I'm going back to help bring it back to where it was, hopefully better than it was," said Brite.