Family rides out storm in Memphis

In spite of this family's uncertain future, you're likely to find at least one of them laughing. But that does not mean they've forgotten why they're here.

"Right here you can joke and cut up, but when you get back, that's reality," said Joe Henry.

Henry is staying in Memphis, along with this sister, brother-in-law, their four daughters and son-in-law. Eight of them sharing an RV. They're waiting for Hurricane Rita to pass through their homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and wondering what they'll find when it's all over.

"Oh, I probaly have 8 or 10 foot of water in my house," said Henry.

"You don't know if there's going to be a house or if it's just going to be property and a bunch of boards, but you have your family that you left with and you can rebuild all those things," said Katie White.

Katie White is a pharmacist back home; she filled prescriptions up to the last minute, before rushing to join her family. Her sister Wendy left behind a hair salon. Their other sisters took a break from college.

The family may not have evacuated, if not for the eye-opening effects of Hurricane Katrina.

"You've gotta get out when you can," said Katie. "You can't wait til the last minute if you're gonna leave because we saw on the TV the traffic jams...people trying to get out."

They brought some clothes, five dogs and Joe's riding lawnmower. And as long as they're together - they have all they need.

The family chose Memphis because they have an uncle here. They expect expect to stay at least until Tuesday.