Community leaders to discuss future of Ed Rice building

Community leaders to discuss future of Ed Rice building

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Community leaders are seeking answers after a popular community center in Frayser was shut down.

Ed Rice Community Center was closed last week due to concerns over mold. It remains closed.

Community leaders called the community center a "safe haven" for hundreds of kids who live in the area. That's why they want to know what's going on and low long the building will stay closed.

Bright yellow signs posted on the front doors of the building explain that testing is underway on lab samples collected inside the building after reports of possible mold and water leaks.

This comes after Shelby County Election Commission Administrator Linda Phillips raised concerns this month. She told the commission she no longer wanted the community center as a polling place because so many workers had respiratory issues there.

The environmental expert will recommend steps to eradicate any problems if the lab tests come back positive for mold or other allergens.

A city spokesperson said complaints they have for the building are that it is out of date--not because of mold.

The city's current capital improvements budget earmarks $960,000 to design a replacement for Ed Rice, which was built in the 1960s.

Community leaders will discuss the building's future this afternoon at 2:45 outside the community center. WMC Action News 5 will be in attendance to learn what they have to say.

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