Memphis Schools to Review Emergency Response Plan - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Schools to Review Emergency Response Plan

The Memphis School District Emergency plan is thick and filled with scenarios. But school board member and former principal Sara Lewis is worried it may be outdated, "At one time Memphis City Schools had various and sundry disaster plans, I don't know how frequently they've been updated but things have changed." Lewis is asking the district to go over the plan and offer ideas for revisions by January. Scenarios from an electrical storm to dealing with students whose parents can't pick them up after an emergency are covered. But Lewis says there is one glaring omission is a detailed plan in case of an earthquake, "They need to do this because they say it's not a matter of if but when." Parent and PTA President Annabelle Turner is less than impressed by the current emergency plan, "We need to know they're safe in their schools and they need to know they're safe in their schools." Turner thinks the plan is deficient in several areas and not specific in others. She also points out changes in emergency equipment and training now readily available, "How many teachers are AED and CPR trained both at the same time. How many schools have AED deliberator ion their facilities? I haven't seen one." It's questions like that which Turner and Lewis want answered, fast.
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