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DeSoto County School Councilors plan Gulf Coast trip

Coping with any disaster is difficult for adults and children, especially those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now schools on the Gulf Coast are beginning to open up again, and when they, do Mid-South experts will be there to help with the emotional transition.

When the request for counselors went out, 15 DeSoto County School Counselors quickly volunteered to go to the Gulf Coast, and help re-open two high schools. They say their biggest job will be to listen.

Terri Mills is a guidance counselor at Horn Lake High School. She's preparing to go to the Gulf Coast to do what she does best.

"Everybody's been so busy trying to rebuild that they haven't had time to think about it," she said. "So they need someone to listen."

This isn't her first trip to help Katrina Victims. Mills took an 18-wheeler full of supplies to the coast right after Katrina hit.* "I still saw a lot of shock," she said. "They were just overwhelmed."

The Counseling Director, Hank Babin, who is a Louisiana native, is also among the volunteers.

"I've seen the destruction that storms can do first hand, and I've seen the response from other areas," Babin said. "I feel like its time to pay back the good that other people have done for me personally, and those that I love down in Louisiana.

They say schools re-opening will provide hope but it may also trigger deep emotions. Babin and Mills say they will be there to guide them.

The counselors will take a school van to the coast early next Tuesday morning.

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