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Possible break in Hacks Cross Creeper case

Composite sketch of the Hacks Cross Creeper Composite sketch of the Hacks Cross Creeper

It is a case that has mystified Germantown police and petrified residents, but Tuesday there was a break in the Hacks Cross Creeper case.

Two detectives from the Germantown Police Department met Tuesday with investigators in Tupelo to talk about and interview a man the Lee County Sheriff's Department arrested on Friday. The man, Milton Lee Martin, may be the Creeper.

"We won't know until we test DNA we've gotten DNA from a lot of incidents," said Bill Stemmler with the Germantown Police Department.

The Lee County Sheriff's department arrested Martin after he allegedly went into a home and confronted a 79 year-old woman, who shot and him and missed. That crime and two others are similar to the creeper cases in Germantown. Martin fits the description of the perpetrator in those crimes.

"There's just a lot of similarities evidence pointing that it may be the individual," said Jim Johnson with the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

The Germantown Creeper seen in a composite sketch was linked to Tupelo after a bank robbery. Investigators say the man who robbed the Tupelo bank in 2003 is the Creeper, because DNA has linked him.

Now they must link Martin to the bank robbery. Both departments are waiting for the DNA results.

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