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Charges filed in West Memphis arson

15-year-old Nick Wilson never made it out of his mother's townhouse alive. He suffocated in his bedroom as flames swept through the morning of September 14. Neighbor Jim Spain suspected something suspicious.

"Coming back from work that afternoon, noticing that cops were still here, I kind of figured it was a crime scene at that time," says Spain.

Turns out, he was right. West Memphis Police charged 18-year-old Keltric Gilmer Tuesday with, among other things, starting the fatal fire.

"He's been charged with residential burglary, arson, capital murder, theft of property and breaking and entering," says Mike Allen of the West Memphis Police Department.

Police say the suspect's main motivation that tragic morning was theft.

"Possibly the arson was to cover up any evidence in the burglary," says Allen.

It became murder after Nick Wilson lost his life. You can tell by the charred debris that the fire was very intense. Investigators say the teenager never had a chance. His mom saved herself by jumping out one of the windows. Rumors spread like wildfire through West Memphis that SHE may have had something to do with the blaze.

"I think the proof will be 100 percent that she had nothing to do with this," says Allen.

Keltric Gilmer has already admitted his role in the crime. Police say an additional arrest is possible.

Gilmer is being held without bond. His initial court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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