Police search for stolen radioactive device - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Police search for stolen radioactive device

Police say some time over the weekend someone broke into a shed next to a home on Ridgecrest Street in Frayser. They stole a piece of equipment the size of a shoebox, but there are radioactive stickers on it for a reason. Police say the device is safe if its left intact but if its disassembled a capsule containing radioactive material inside could come apart and kill a person exposed to it within 30 minutes. The field of radioactivity spans 60 feet. The equipment is used to measure the density of soil prior to new construction. Neighbors hope the tester doesn't fall into the wrong hands, particularly those of someone who doesn't realize how deadly it can be. "Well I hope they contact somebody who got it because they're a danger to everyone on this block really if somebody on this block has it." said neighbor Deborah Douglas. Police want anyone who may come across it to keep their distance and report it to the Tennessee Emergency Management agency at 1-800-262-3300.

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