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MPD nabs crooks targeting Hispanics

Police arrested 22 suspects after new crime data revealed that the robbers were targeting Hispanic victims.

"I'm glad that we can sit here today and say that twenty two individuals have been charged with 21 robberies of 53 victims in the Latino community and 100 cases have been solved," said MPD Director Larry Godwin.

"Its just unbelievable that in this day and time those things happen," said Dale Johnston.

Johnston is the director of Hispanic ministries at Saint Paul Catholic Church in Memphis.

"Crimes against the Hispanics and the immigration situation are the biggest problems here," said Johnston.

The two problems that go hand in hand. Victims who fear deportation are more likely to become a target for criminals and even some employers.

"They'll hire these people to do work and they do honest hard labor and then they get their paycheck and go to the bank and they say this job is finished we won't need you anymore and the checks bounce like rubber balls," said Johnston

But police say their not in the immigration business.

"We need the Hispanic Community to trust us to report the crimes to give us the information and if they see something to call us," said Godwin.

No matter how many arrests are made, police say they can't solve crimes that go unreported.

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