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City school board discusses joint school site

At a Thursday meeting, Memphis School Board President Wanda Halbert made it clear the district will take its time deciding on a site for the new high school to be jointly built by the city and county,

"We don't want to haphazardously make a decision and inherit a potential big problem because somebody's ready to build a school right now," she said.

Two weeks ago board member Sara Lewis walked through thigh high grass as she surveyed proposed properties.

First she saw the favored site at Hacks Cross and Shelby Drive, and then was taken to choice two. 

"Then I was told and subsequently retold that was the wrong site," she said. "I don't know where I was, I was somewhere behind a cemetery looking at some land. That's all I know."

But Shelby County School Board President David Pickler told Action News 5 that absolutely was the correct site and he and his board have done their best to keep city school leaders informed and part of the process.

Lewis sees it differently however and feel the process is moving too fast.  "Right now, I'm not comfortable with anything until someone can give me some rational for that. I'm just not," she said.

Pickler warns the site chosen by the county is the only viable option in the area where the school must be built and that if movement isn't made soon someone else will buy it.

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