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Taxes reportedly just the beginning of Ford's financial woes

Ninety-five percent of Shelby Countians pay their property taxes on time. Former senator John Ford is among those who don't. That's according to Trustee Bob Patterson. Ford currently owes the county more than $7,000.

"He owes us one year of back taxes right now and one year of current taxes," says Patterson.

Ford owes the city of Memphis about the same in taxes. A $3,000 payment this week came in the nick of time. It spared his home in an east Memphis gated community from the auction block.

The city treasurer tells us John Ford has until February to pay taxes from 2004, The process to auction his home could begin again if he doesn't.

Ford's former wife Tamara Mitchell Ford is embarrassed things got to this point.

"My concern has to do with adequate protection for me and my family and what should have been done--what he should do as a responsible father," says Tamara Mitchell Ford.

Ford attorney Mike Scholl wishes his client would stop being held to a higher standard.

"Unfortunately, when you're out in the public eye like that, anything can turn into a big story when it really isn't," says Scholl.

Those in charge of collecting taxes just look forward to Ford's next check.

Property taxes are just the beginning. Ford reportedly owes two homeowners associations and nearly $60,000 in loans.

Eventually, he'll have to pay some pretty hefty legal fees too in relation to his pending trial on bribery charges.

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