B.B. King celebrates 80 on Beale St. - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

B.B. King celebrates 80 on Beale St.

BB King and his legendary Lucille thrilled a packed house at his club on Beale...

"Thanks for waiting around till the old guy got out here," King said taking the stage.

It's hard to believe he recently turned 80.

"You know, I haven't paid much attention to it...except for that the ladies look prettier to me than they used to... they always looked good, but they look better now. Why do you think that is??More wisdom. I think I can understand now, and see life better than I did before," he said.

Ironically, King says he never set out to be a blues singer... He heard his first electric guitar in church and wanted to sing gospel.

"And I would play a gospel song and when I did that they would always praise me highly... Pat me on the shoulder and on the head... That's good son.. Keep it up.. You're gonna be good one day... But they never put anything in the hat. People that would ask me to play the blues, would always put something in the hat," King continued.

Chatting with us on his tour bus before the show, he said returning to Beale Street is always special.

"This is how I got my schooling... Walking up and down this street. Many times it wasn't makin' money.. But it was seeing people do what they did," King remembered.

And even at age 80... His love affair with his music, and his main girl Lucille are still goin' strong...

"I quite often say I would gladly do what I do for nothing, if somebody paid my bills, and didn't tell my boss... You really love it?? .. I do," he said.


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