Multiple fights break out at Trezevant High School - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Multiple fights break out at Trezevant High School

Just after the first bell rang Tuesday morning at Trezevant High, Memphis City Police Cars blocked the entrance.

A short time later, a parade of hand-cuffed high schoolers was loaded into a police wagon, leaving parents like Jaqueline Henderson to wonder if their children were all right.

"School officials won't tell us what's going on," Henderson said, "So I had them call my three kids to the office so I could put my eyes on them and see if they were okay."

Two separate fights broke out at the school. One involved seven boys fighting over tennis shoes. Minutes later, two girls started fighting.

Two other students were taken into custody for disorderly conduct, however school officials wouldn't release more details..

Parents say fights at Trezevant are too common.

"I'm mad about this," Henderson said. "This happens all the time here at this school. Every time, I come, it seems like every other week, somebody's fighting.

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