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Covington Police discover apparent dog fighting scene

The scene Friday on Jackson Street in Covington was disturbing: pit bulls with terrible injuries, one dog with broken front legs, and all of them with bite marks and lacerations. They were chained and malnourished, with only water to drink.

Covington police believe someone was using the dogs for fighting. The dogs were chained up behind an area of thick brush.

Officials found the dogs after getting reports from neighbors about sounds of dogs fighting. When police the found the source of the noise, one of the dogs was already dead.

Covington Police Lt. Allen Wilson said pit bull dog fighting is growing in the town, but this was the worst account of such fighting he has seen in his 18 year law enforcement career..

"I was pretty upset because I'm a dog owner," he said. "It just broke my heart to see the dogs in this shape."

The three dogs that were found alive were put to sleep.

The owner of the property where the dogs were found claimed he had no knowledge that the dogs were there.

Police officials said he plans to cut the brush so it can't happen again. Investigators are also still trying to establish who owned the dogs. If you have any information that could aid police in this case, please call the Covington Police Department at 901-475-1261.

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