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Search For Answers In Trezevant Violence

11 students were taken into custody Tuesday at Trezevant High School after numerous fights. One fight was over some shoes, another among a group of girls, one ended with a police officer assaulted and a student pepper sprayed. As students were arrested and taken off campus after fights at Trezevant High Tuesday, all parents like Jennifer Carter could do was watch and wonder,

"I don't know, it makes me wonder if I've made the right decision to put her back in school or to home school her," said Carter. 

Parents and students tell me fights, although on a smaller scale, are a daily occurrence here, as are drug deals, "Every other week, somebody's fighting and they've got to get the paddy wagon and take kids away. Nothings being done."

The Tennessee Department of Education lists Trezevant High as having 15 incidents of Drug Posession, one of Battery against a teacher and two incidents of posessing a weapon on campus during the 2004-2005 school year. Memphis PTA President Anabell Turner says Trezevant doesn't have a PTA and she believes that lack of direct parental involvement plays a role in problems there,

"We have to ask ourselves are we doing anything to reach out to these students, to find out what is angering them so much and what is troubling them as far as why do they have to resolve things with violence?" asked Turner.

There will be heavy security at Trezevant Wednesday due to today's fights. Students could face suspension, expulsion and problems with the police.

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