DNA test shows captured man is not the Hacks Cross Creeper - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

DNA test shows captured man is not the Hacks Cross Creeper

Germantown police thought at long last the Hacks Cross Creeper might be behind bars. Last week they went to Tupelo hoping the creeper's reign of terror was over.

But Wednesday, Germantown police said the man caught in Tupelo after a break-in is not the Hacks Cross Creeper. The captured man's DNA does not match that of the creeper.

John Hjelle, who lives in a neighborhood the creeper is known to frequent, said his guard has been down in the time since the police thought they had the bandit.

"We had let our guard down," he said. "We shouldn't have."

Residents of one neighborhood in the area of Hacks Cross say one night the creeper crept all over their property. He walked across the back yard of one house, broke into another, and then apparently tipped over some guardian figurines.

Neighbors on the other end of the street also had visits from an intruder police believe is the creeper.

The creeper has been in several areas near Hacks Cross, something Estella Smith didn't realize when she moved into her Germantown home a year ago.

"It concerned me early when I moved here, and it still concerns me," she said. "We just have to be cautious and safety oriented."

Germantown police know the Hacks Cross Creeper has a connection to Tupelo, because he has been linked to a bank robbery there through DNA.

Still, police have no idea who the creeper is.

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