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Memphis Belle begins journey to Ohio

The World War 2 bomber Memphis Belle began it's journey from Millington to Ohio Thursday morning. The plane is being moved to a new exhibit at the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton.

Dismantled, and strapped to 3-separate trucks, the plane still commanded the attention of onlookers.

"Absolutely this is history right here," said airplane enthusiast Chip Cotton. "To be able to be even this close to the airplane is pretty remarkable."

And what a history the plan has...

It was the first to fly 25 missions to come back successfully," said Roger Deer with the U.S. Air Force Muesum. "No man was ever killed."

The plane was named after the pilots girlfriend, Margaret Polk, a real life southern belle.

As crews strapped the parts of the plane down to trucks for transport, Don Bennis fought back tears. For years his Memphis Belle support group led tours of the famous bomber.

The group fought against sending the Belle to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, but in the end the Air Force won out.

Museum officials from Dayton were in Memphis to supervise the move. They say it will become the centerpiece of a 300-plane and vehicle exhibit.

"Along with the Enola Gay, this is probably the second most or the foremost well-known airplane in airforce inventory," Deer said.

Supporters like Bennis say, while you can change the location, you can never change this plane's history with Memphis.

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