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Suspected "Hacks Cross Creeper" makes court appearance

Willie Price was picked up in his home in Holly Springs Mississippi and brought to Germantown to face charges in a violent rape. But he is considered a suspect in dozens of other unsolved crimes.

Price was arraigned on charges that he violently raped and robbed a Germantown woman in March of 2003. Records say the victim woke up to find a man standing over her. She was pulled from the bed and raped and during the struggle the attacker bit her in the arm. A sample taken from the bite mark matched a DNA profile of Willie Price.

"Mr. Price was picked up in Marshall County and returned to Germantown today," said Germantown prosecuter Joe Wyatt.

Price has asked for a public defender, but on a legal aid application he revealed he had a job, a working wife and had recently purchased Cadillac truck.

For now Price has been granted a free attorney, but if he makes bond he'll have to pay for his own lawyer.

Bond was set at $500,000 but that could go up if Price is charged with any of the dozens of crimes that have been taking place in Germantown.

Investigators will examine evidence that could link Price to 34 unsolved crimes.

"The modus operandi of the various crimes has led us to believe he may be responsible for similar acts similar crime sprees," said Capt. Brian Roper of the Germantown police.

Crime sprees that labeled the elusive suspect as the Hacks Cross Creeper.

When Price was picked up he was on probation and has pending warrants in Mississippi and Hardeman County Tennessee.

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