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Democrat steps down after taking Roland case

Members of the Shelby County Democratic Executive Committee thought they'd have a contentious decision to make during a meeting Thursday night. Turns out, the issue had been settled. Prominent attorney Richard Fields resigned his seat.

"And now the party can go on with its duties and he with his advocacy and there won't be even an appearance of conflict," said state party chairman Bob Tuke.

Conflict arose when Fields agreed to represent Republican Terry Roland. He's contesting the state senate race he lost to Ophelia Ford. Fields took the case free of charge.

"And with so many questions about it, we just want to make sure the system is working for the people," Fields told Action News Five back on September 23.

But people in his own party were not happy.

"A member is expected to support Democrats in their election efforts," said Tuke. "As counsel for Terry Roland he had a different advocacy he needed to pursue," he added.

Fields' fellow Democratic leaders were pursuing disciplinary action when an agreement was reached.

The state party's leader would not confirm rumors that Fields was pressured to resign.

"We came to this together," Tuke told us.

After removing his badge and giving at least the appearance of amicability, Richard Fields refused comment. 

Action News Five has been told that Fields can run for a seat on the Democratic Executive Committee after he's done representing Terry Roland.

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