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Police reports detail trouble at Trezevant High

A stack of incident reports lists all of the times police have been called to Trezevant High to respond to fights or burglaries or vandalism or break-ins here.

Eleven students were arrested for fighting on Tuesday. It was a banner day for bad news here. But it wasn't the first.

"I've seen 'em being either handcuffed or escorted into the back of police cars," said Noel Davis.

Davis lives two houses away from Trezevant High, a neighborhood full of kids and, according to incident reports, a neighborhood that has gotten used to seeing some of those kids taken away in police cars.

The reports detail multiple fights. Fights involving students hitting students, students hitting teachers and students breaking into the schools.

In one case, a school staff member realized that a student had taken her car keys from a classroom and stolen her car. In all, we found eighteen police reports from the past three weeks.

"We are aware that there have been some incidents at that particular school and we're working with the administration to be proactive as possible to minimize those problems," said Vince McCaskill of Memphis City Schools.

Thursday night, school leaders here had a meeting with parents, asking for better communication about off-campus problems.

"When something happens in the community and spills over into the school, if we know about it in advance then certainly we can do things to be proactive," said McCaskill.

Noel Davis doesn't even have school-age children and he's desperate for help down the block.

"I'm glad I'm not a parent, because I don't think I would allow my child to go to that particular school," said Davis.

As it stands, every high school has one police officer on campus. When something goes wrong, that officer calls for backup. What we've found is that that's happening a lot at this school.

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