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Controversial decision puts Crawford back on Cordova football team

Star running back Jocques Crawford will no doubt help his Cordova High team currently struggling with a losing record this season. But not everyone agrees with letting him back in the game.

"Personally, I don't agree with it," says CHS parent Chad Swihart. "Students should be held academically responsible as well as morally responsible," he adds.

"I'm not fully aware of the situation that happened but everybody deserves a second chance," says parent Linda McCloud.

Memphis city school board member Deni Hirsh agrees. She says she expressed concerns before Crawford's suspension which followed his arrest on rape charges. Those charges that were later dropped to misdemeanor assault.

"He was being actually punished more than perhaps he should have been," says Hirsh.

She put Superintendent Carol Johnson on notice during a committee meeting Thursday. Action News Five got a copy of the audio tape. Here's what Hirsh said:

"If she keeps making decisions and the board says you're making bad decisions, we want you to reverse them, and she doesn't, then we have the opportunity to release her from our employ," said Hirsh.

No one will say for sure if board pressure led to the reversal of Crawford's suspension. Hirsh just hopes the star player will be more careful when it comes to activities off the field.

"You know, Jocques Crawford gets one second chance," says Hirsh.

Administrators say the decision to allow Crawford back on the team was to avoid greater public scrutiny of the case. The running back will officially re-join the roster next week. Meantime, the board is working to clarify rules regarding its suspension policy.

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