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MLGW natural gas rates on the rise

By the end of the month 300,000 MLG&W natural gas users face a record 70% utility hike because of the recent hurricanes. We know it's coming, but what's being done to ease the blow?

"Dread, extreme dread," said one customer.

That's what comes to mind when most of us ponder our next utility bill. And with the city of Memphis having trouble paying its own bills, it's unlikely they can help you pay yours.

"We don't have a lot of money in the bank that we can say we'll we're gonna appropriate some money to assist people with paying utility bills," said Memphis City Councilman E.C. Jones.

MLG&W has programs to help like The Energy Doctor.

"They won't make the repairs for them, but they will say this is what you need to do to prepare your house. Your costs are gonna be higher this winter, but consumption is where you can control it the best," said Chris Stanley of MLGW.

Then there are payment plans. But that's just lip service to midtown homeowner Dawn Fay.

"As far as MLGW trying to help people pay their bills later and all this other stuff, it just adds insult to injury because you can never catch up," said customer Dawn Fay.

MLGW will maintain its moratorium on cutting off utilities for nonpayment if temperatures are below freezing. But in the end, it looks like there's no way around this.

"The law will not allow Memphis Light Gas & Water to, in a sense, give away utilities," Jones said.

MLG&W says they pass on prices they pay, so no one will be spared.

"We've done everything we can do. Just be prepared to conserve and do the best you can with it and we're all in that boat together," said Stanley. E.C. Jones, who's the vice president of the city's utility commission, says he's open to any public suggestion to deal with this situation. The city council's next meeting is Tuesday night.

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