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Sunday shooting spurs MPD investigation

Neighbors say the scene Sunday night was like something out of a movie. Myeshia Reaves says it was more like a nightmare. Her fiance, Albert Little, was shot and killed by police.

"I haven't had any sleep, my eyes are all puffy, I've been crying myself to death," says Reaves.

The whole thing started at Hickory Ridge Mall. Little was there to pick up Reaves from work. But police say he parked in a handicapped spot, was ticketed, and struck the officer with his car as he sped away. Police caught up with Little on Blanding.

"They used chemical spray in the beginning trying to subdue the suspect," says MPD Director Larry Godwin.

Little was shot after breaking through a fence and after police say he fired five shots at them.

"I expect us to do what we have to do to neutralize the situation," says Godwin.

He adds that officers LaKeisha Ross and Joshua Leslie were simply defending themselves. But Reaves does not believe her fiance would have missed.

"If he fired five shots, someone would have got it," says Reaves. "They would have seen an ambulance for one of the officers," she adds.

The spot where Little died lies just beyond Reaves' own backyard. That's where she thinks her fiance was trying to get. Now, she won't rest until she gets some answers.

"I'm on top of it," says Reaves. "From today til it's over," she adds.

Memphis police continue their investigation as well. Meantime, both officers are on paid leave.

Police say Albert Little did have a record, including at least one drug conviction. They say they found a little more then seven grams of crack cocaine on him last night. His fiance told Action News 5 she knew nothing about that.

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