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School board president comments on Crawford fiasco

Monday night's Memphis City School Board meeting was the first chance to get Dr. Carol Johnson's reaction to comments made by board member Deni Hirsh: that Johnson could be let go if she consistently makes decisions the board doesn't agree with. Dr. Johnson did not want to do any on camera interviews and said did not want to respond to Hirsh's remarks.

Hirsh told Action News 5 her comments were meant in a general sense and not a reflection of any specific problems she has with Dr. Johnson over the controversy surrounding re-instate suspended Cordova football player Jocques Crawford. Monday was Crawford's first day back on the Cordova High School football team, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor simple assault for an incident involving a 15-year-old girl.

School board president Wanda Halbert did comment on the question of wjether or not there was a conflict between Dr. Johnson and the board as a result of the Crawford case.

"700 Absolutly not absolutely not and the board supports the superintendents right to make a decision and her right to change a decision at anytime and there was no pressure from the board on the administration, there was no pressure from the board, but the board was definitely concerned about potentially holding a hearing with students juvenile students and having to hear discussions of what ended up being a criminal charge in a court of law," said MCS Board President Wanda Halbert.

Halbert went on to say that the board is reviewing it's policies on punishment and appeals for students involved in misdemeanor cases. Dr. Johnson also said she expects all Memphis City School athletes to uphold high academic and moral standards, because they serve as role models. She says those expectations are especially high and important for varsity athletes.

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