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Evacuees cry foul on apartments

You won't exactly find the welcome mat outside the door of these Kensington Manor apartments, and that's exactly what some New Orleans evacuees are upset about.

"They think cause we from New Orleans just give us anything like we came out the projects or gutters you know what I'm, saying, they didn't care," said New Orleans evacuee David Eldridge.

David Eldridge says he was evicted Monday afternoon after he complained about the conditions. Eldridge and fellow evacuees Roy and Thomas Dupart moved into Kensington Manor four days ago. This is what they say they say they found: filthy carpet, no outlet covers, dirty, moldy bathrooms, filthy appliances, and a refrigerator that just didn't work. Eldridge says Kensington Manor advertised at their Red Cross shelter, putting up flyers promising spacious and clean apartment homes.

"They promised to let us see the apartment in advance, that they was clean, up to par… does it look up to par to you," said Eldridge.

Management says the apartments were clean when they walked through, but, when we asked about the conditions we found, we were told we needed to see the manager and he wasn't in. By then Eldridge hopes to be gone and on to more accomodating accomodations.

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