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Stings nabs suspects in UT scandal

Nearly 70 people were indicted for accepting fraudulent funds by pretending to be U-T patients. Most of them were from Arkansas. At least 10 were picked up by police in West Memphis. Ethel Jackson's son Reginald was one of them.

"It disappoints me," says Jackson. "That's my son," she adds. "You think I want him to be in trouble?"

She says she knew nothing about her son cashing phony reimbursement checks meant for real patients of the U-T College of Dentistry.

"I don't know of him doing anything wrong," says Jackson. "I can't say what he did or didn't do cause I don't know," she adds.

She says her son has tried to stay on the straight and narrow, but can't say for certain.

"Anything is possible don't you think?" asks Jackson.

All Ethel knows for sure is that police gave here family an early wake-up call Wednesday and that two others were also arrested at a house directly across the street.

"I don't know anything about it," says Jackson.

She didn't recognize the former U-T employees charged with heading up the embezzlement scheme. And she had no clue about how her son may have known them. He was behind bars the last time Ethel heard from him..

"He called and said he had a bond for 750," she says.

Money Ethel told us she didn't have.

Her son helped helped make history here in Shelby County. The District Attorney General says this was the largest number of defendants ever indicted in connection with one case.

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