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Indicted former MPD officer had checkered past on force

New information tonight about a former Memphis Police Officer, who was indicted in Operation Tarnished Blue. Action News 5 has learned Former Officer Patrick Joynt has a long history of problems in the police force. Patrick Joynt is charged with stealing money from an undercover agent posing as a drug dealer, but we've dug deeper and found a history of problems since Joynt joined the force a decade ago. Police Chief Larry Godwin says Joynt's indictment proves the department is serious about cleaning house.

"We are watching, we police our own and we will continue to do that and we're not gonna tolerate this action by any of our officers. We're not above the law", Godwin said.

Joynt's questionable conduct on the police force dates back to 1995 when he first joined up.  It was in that same year Memphis police say he crashed a patrol car, killing his partner.  Joynt's city personnel record reveals he was suspended in 1999 for using unnecessary force.  In 2004 an investigation revealed he lied about his whereabouts while on duty and illegally parked his cruiser. Joynt was terminated in March of this year. In addition to the police corruption charge a woman is suing Joynt for alledgedly touching her inappropriately during a traffic stop. According to the woman, Joynt also said, "whenever you want to get drunk and drive around fast, give me a call."

Police Chief Larry Godwin said, "Patrick had a lot of issues."

Memphis Police communications director Sergeant Vince Higgins says it can take a while to get rid of a bad officer. According to Higgins, scheduling hearing's takes some time and even then they need probable cause and justification before they can terminate someone.

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