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I-40 crash kills one in morning traffic

The woman was airlifted here to the Med where she died after an unbelievably terrifying crash this morning at 9:20am Monday morning. A crash that sent her car airborne much to the horror of nearby drivers. A look at the car gives a hint to how horrific it all was.

"She was passing me and she went off the edge of the road and then started to slide started to flip it," said witness Roger Pipkin.

"When she left the road she kind of gave it a yank, twirled it back around and then just skidded back across the road turned one flip hit the dump truck and landed on top of his hood," said William Watkins, another witness.

Investigators say the woman apparently wasn't wearing a seat belt.

"The first time I seen the lady, she was in my windshield. The car hit she come out of the car into my windshield. She's actually what busted the windshield out. When I got stopped she, she was back there. She was in the road," said Daniel Stiles, the driver of the truck that was hit.

Investigators say the woman was going east bound on Interstate 40, when she lost control of her car, apparently overcorrected ending up in the West bound lane hitting the dump truck head on. Other drivers tried to get out of her way when they saw her car flying through the air.

"I thought she was going to hit us--me and him got over but she went across the other way," said Stiles.

The accident tied up traffic as drivers stood outside their vehicles watching in horror. The driver of the dump truck says he'll never forget it.

"I never want to imagine it again. I don't want to see it again never I probably will from now on," he said.

Memphian Terresse Clark, the driver of the Pontiac, died at the MED.  Highway patrol investigators are investigating the crash to try and figure out what caused it.

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