West Memphis Police round up sex offenders - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

West Memphis Police round up sex offenders

West Memphis Police rounded up almost a dozen unregistered sex offenders recently, but there are more they have not yet found.

"Unfortunately, we do have these individuals in the community, that live within our community. They have to register by law as sex offenders," said West Memphis Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen.

Unfortunately, Allen says, some offenders did not register. The department recently rounded up eleven men who did not register. Five others have yet to be picked up, and there are warrants for their arrest. Police say registration of sex offenders is the only way departments can monitor and know who is in their city.

The West Memphis Police Department is putting a new emphasis on tracking down sex offenders, to not only determine who they are, but also where they are living. The department has mapped out the location of all local day care centers, one type of location sex offenders are not permitted to live near.

They also can't live near schools. The department has forced sex offenders to move.

West Memphis is also making it easier for residents to find out who their neighbors are. The department has a website that shows photos and has information about the 85 sex offenders who live in West Memphis.

Some of the unregistered sex offenders West Memphis can't find may have moved out of town. Police officials say that is a problem, because offender could be living somewhere else without registering, and neighbors don't know who they are.

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