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Collierville plans for safety at new mall

Crime helped kill the Mall of Memphis and Collierville leaders know that; they are determined to keep crooks out of the newest crown jewel of Mid-south shopping. As I found out in Collierville this morning, your safety is a top priority at The Avenue at Carriage Crossing. Carriage Crossing paid Collierville for extra police during the four day grand opening celebration.

"I think it has to be a top priority. We don't live in a safe world obviously. This is a part of town that has a reputation of being safe," said shopper Stephanie Jones.

Police say they spent two years studying crime patterns at other suburban open air shopping centers and say visibility is the key.

"What our deployment plan is geared toward is extremely high visibility. Being extremely proactive in the areas where you would tend to see the most people in any one location," said Capt. Dave Tillner of the Collierville Police Department.

There are more than 4,000 parking space here so drivers cal pull right up to their favorite store and go shopping. And security will focus on all those spaces with everything including a mounted patrol.

"I think the way they have set this up, the way they have built it, the way we have been so involved in security, that I don't think there's going to be any kind of problem," said Collierville Mayor Linda Kerley.

In addition to regular Collierville police patrols, Carriage Crossing employs its own private campus security.

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