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Troopers ride along with school bus drivers

Tennessee State Troopers boarded Shelby County school busses Thursday morning, to see first-hand what bus drivers deal with every morning and afternoon.

"These busses weigh 37,000 pounds before we have children on them," said bus driver Pat Weaver. "They're not easy to stop in a hurry, and we have people pulling in front of us, running stop signs, things like that."

In Shelby County alone, more than 23,000 students take the bus to school..

"Children have dropped things like a piece of candy, a ball, a book- things that are very insignificant," said Mike Simpson, a transportation official with Shelby County Schools. "Things that we would not go out in the street to retrieve. And they've gone after them."

In spite of that, Lt. Zane Smith with the Tennessee State Police says the most common violation that drivers commit around school busses is going around them, even with bus lights flashing and stop sign extended.

"You never know what these children are gonna do getting off that bus, getting on that bus," Smith said. "You've got to pay full attention at all times to what's occurring out there."

If you do try to pass a bus it'll cost you, anywhere from $250 to $1000, plus a mandatory court appearance and 8 points on your driving record.

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