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Calvin Williams appears in federal court

He's been called a man who knows where the bodies are buried in county government. But that knowledge did not keep Calvin Williams from being indicted on charges of extortion and bribery yesterday.

Today he turned himself in at the federal building.

Williams entered the federal building with his attorneys...inside the courtroom a handcuffed Williams told the judge he understands the charges against him.

Williams is accused of taking a $1,500 bribe when he was the county commission's chief administrator. The indictment does not say who bribed Williams or why.

Williams attorneys would only allow him to make this statement after the hearing.

"I would like to request that every one of you retreat to the nearest corner of decency and let me and my family enjoy the two rights we are entitled to the goodness of God and the other right the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and I intend to be vindicated," said Williams.

Williams was more than willing to talk when he was trying to get word out about a book he wrote claiming it is filled with salacious charges that he said would bring down county government.

Williams attorneys are court appointed, public defenders, they were appointed in August long before he was indicted on Wednesday. His attorneys would not comment about that but did say Williams won't plea bargain.

"We intend to begin the process of preparing the case for trial next week," said Williams' attorney Steve Shankman. "We'll be entering a plea of not guilty to these charges and we will be pursuing a trial ."

Calvin Williams was released without bond and is scheduled to be back in court next week. We could learn more about the charges against him then.

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