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Companies owe Memphis thousands in property taxes

Emma Dowdy owns several properties in Memphis and says she makes it a point to pay her taxes on time, even early and thinks others ought to do the same.

"If you own property, you know you're going to owe taxes so go on and pay it," she said.

Dowdy may have a champion in city council member E.C. Jones who says the problem of delinquent taxes has gotten out of control.

"With the situation the city of Memphis is in right now we need to try and collect as many dollars as we can in delinquent taxes," Jones said.

He has requested a list of delinquent tax payers from the City of Memphis Treasurer's Office.

Action News 5 did the same, and picked out the top debtors.

Time Warner Cable is listed as owing close to two million dollars, but the company says those charges are in dispute and that a court has twice sided with them.

Penn Specialty Chemicals owes 1.6 million but says some charges are in dispute while others are being paid under a bankruptcy agreement.

Cricket Communications owes close to half a million but those charges are part of a bankruptcy filing.

Others who owe have gone out of business or seemed to have disappeared.

Jones says that money must be collected.

And Emma Dowdy agrees. "It's unfair to the person who's paying their tax and the others that's not paying," she said. "They have a charge, they can go after them or take the property."

If Jones gets his way, that may happen, he hopes to take up the problem at an upcoming meeting.

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