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Love in Action files suit against state

Love In Action's plea in federal court Friday was a simple one.

"Please give us relief right now," reiterates LIA Attorney Nate Kellum.

But a judge denied the controversial group's request for an injunction. It's something that would have kept state regulators temporarily off their backs.

"It was troubling in a sense that it did not provide Love In Action the security it needed," says Kellum.

State law prohibits Love In Action from assisting more than one person with a diagnosed mental illness.

Attorneys for the state argued there is no present investigation into the group and that an injunction would be premature. However, the state can swoop back in if questions arise. In order to stay out of trouble with the state, LIA says it must now turn away anybody with potential mental illness. That includes those on Prozac or any other anti-depressant.

"The state has every right to check into something when the well-being of people is being risked," says Morgan Fox.

Fox has opposed Love In Action from the start. He has organized protests and even video-taped a documentary. He says every loss for the controversial program is, in a sense, a win.

"We would like to see them say being gay is alright," says Fox. "That you should not have to be ashamed of who you are," he adds.

Love In Action may have lost this latest legal battle. But leaders say their fight to help people curb homosexual desires will continue.

The injunction would have protected Love In Action until a larger legal question is resolved. It has to do with the group's to operate without any state regulation. That litigation is still pending in federal court.

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