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MPD makes arrests in Latino crime case

Memphis Police say they've arrested nearly 40 people this year who've targeted Latinos for crime.

But one neighborhood has been particularly on edge this week, after a violent crime spree which left one of their own dead.

Now police say they have those responsible in custody.

"We're their department, the Latinos," said Memphis Police Deputy Chief Mike Lee. "I may not speak Spanish, but my heart goes out to them when they're traumatized."

Traumatized by a three hour crime spree back on October 11th at the Prescott Place Apartments

Three robberie with six Latino victims. One of them, Santiago Gomez, died from a gunshot wound.

Since then, police say the neighborhood stepped up and provided information which helped them track down those they believe are responsible.

Andre Henderson, Martise Walker and Undray Wells are all charged with first degree murder and six counts of assault.

Henderson's girlfriend, Nikita Arnold, faces accessory charges for helping Henderson evade arrest.

The arrests come after a tense 10 days in the predominantly Latino neighborhood.

Resident Lusia Banegas told through a translator she couldn't sleep for days after the attacks. It's A feeling shared by many here.

Now, police say residents here can rest easier and offer their thanks to those who provided information that led to the arrests.

Police say they believe those arrested today may be responsible for other crimes in the area, and urge other victims to come forward.

Meanwhile, the department says it's committed to targeting those who target Latinos.

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