Neighborhoods protest planned unit developments - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Neighborhoods protest planned unit developments

All around Memphis, the sounds of growth and development fill the air. However, some places are all filled with signs of discontent.

Protest posters line North Graham like the dogwood trees the neighborhood is famous for. Residents there are against two planned developments that would put 22 homes on lots that once held one home each.

Across town in the Belle Meade subdivision near the Oak Court Mall, Tom McCarty speaks for his neighbors with his own sign facing busy Poplar Avenue. His sign protests PUDS, or planned unit developments. In this case, McCarty says, it would be another crowded community walled off like a fortress.

"It's not smart growth," he said. "It's lousy development."

McCarty and others worry about the affect on infrastructure and traffic, and most importantly property values.

"My property will suddenly be worth less as a home site, and will only be valuable as land for future development," he said.

It is development McCarty says may be good for the city, but bad for the people who live here.

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