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City school board examines joint "city-county" school

Memphis School Board members were told Monday night that if they plan to build a joint city/county high school on this land they better hurry up. Facilities Manager Michael Goar said the project is getting more and more expensive, "The price keeps escalating everytime we engage in conversation because of supply and demand and that kind of size we're looking for."

The price of the land at the corner of Hacks Cross and Shelby Drive...five and a quarter million dollars.

Too high for some like board member Tomeka Hart, "That is 83,798 per acre. That is a lot of money"

Hart is one of the board members still skeptical of the High School which both districts will pay for and which will eventually become a city school, "I'm just still struggling with prior decisions that were made and we need to know why, how did we get here, what was negotiated. Did someone just say 'this is the price and take it?"

But board member Deni Hirsh, who's acting on a liason between the two districts and who walked through both possible properties asked the board to please move forward, "Although Shelby County, this was the decision they made, the county board voted on this, they cannot doing anything without us, so joint is joint."

Hirsh did not convince everyone and the board held off on the vote.

City School board members have a lot of questions, the problem is they haven't come together face to face with those who may have the answers!

County Board members issued an invitation but so far, no one has RSVP'd.

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