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Neighbors fight back against crime

Walk with Tom Polzin through his neighborhood and he'll tell you the moment he knew he had to take back his neighborhood, "This is the house where four gang members literally tired to intimidate my neighbors kids. I watched it, I said there's something wrong and had my wife call the police department."

That was just over a year ago and since then, Polzin, a Horn Lake Alderman, has rallied neighborhoods around him to keep an eye on each other and crime, "In one of our meetings, we dealt with drugs, in another one of our meetings we dealt with gangs."

Speaking of drugs, Polzin learned he had a crack house in his back yard, "They would lay out a rolled up piece of carpet at the curb looking like the garbage guy was coming to pick it up. Inside, that rolled up carpet was drugs and people would come by in the middle of night and drop off money and take drugs and leave."

Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley is thankful for the help.

His city has seen an increase in crime as it grows and it's tough to keep ahead of the statistics, "We have had citizens call us over suspicious circumstances but when we got there, there was a crime in progress and if not for their call it would probably be a crime that was completed."

Polzin is proud of his efforts and hopes others in the Mid-South will follow his lea, "Crime doesn't know any barriers, it can happen anywhere."

Which means you may want to get one of these signs for your neighborhood.

Polzin says me the longest the neighborhood watch has lasted is 90 days so the upcoming one year anniversary is a real accomplishment.

Horn Lake has started using a reverse 911 where police call neighbors and warn them of crime in their area.

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