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Recent sexual harassment allegations not the first for Buchanan

Clint Buchanan resigned Friday after the Department of Health put him on leave over questions of sexual harassment.  The TBI is now investigating those allegations, and a ook into Buchanan's past showed these are not the first such allegations.

Buchanan's personnel file and learned that the city fired Buchanan in 1992 after employees accused him of sexual harrassment.

He appealed and won his job back and remained on the local government payroll for the next 12 years.

Clint Buchanan was a manager with the fire department's emergency medical Services division when he was investigated for sexual harrassment claims by six female employees.

The internal investigation concluded that he had engaged in inappropriate behavior with two of the women. During the process Buchanan was given strict orders to stay away from his accusers. But at a hearing in April of 92, he admitted to contacting a witness. He was terminated immediately.

Buchanan appealed his case to the Civil Service Commission: a board of city appointed lay people who review firing practices. The commission ruled the internal investigation lacked evidence and sent Buchanan back to work 5 months after he was let go.

"I think the civil service board is a good thing," said city councilman E.C. Jones.

But tonight Jones is among city council members questioning that board's overall performance.

"They really need to make sure that when they put someone back to work that they have really investigated all evidence," Jones said.

Councilman Myron Lowery echoes that sentiment saying: "The Civil Services board needs to reevaluate it's procedures for overturning cases and needs to take a closer look all the evidence when the city has made a determination."

The city appealed Buchanan's reinstatement, but in August of 1993, the ruling was upheld in chancery court and Clint Buchanan went on to become the director of the Emergency Management Agency.

Buchanan agreed to retire in 2004 as part of the city's deferred retirement option plan or DROP.

He collected his city pension payment in one lump sum.

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