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Halloween Safety Tips

Director Larry Godwin and the Officers of the Memphis Police Department want to remind citizens to be careful this Halloween.

Here are a few tips from the Centers for Disease Control, the National Safety Council, and the American Academy of Pediatrics to make certain that Halloween is a “Treat” for everyone!

• Be aware that most Halloween costumes are dark; watch out for the kids!  Drive slowly!
• Be cautious when children are about; Kids may dart out into traffic suddenly!
• Pick costumes made of fire retardant materials.
• Costumes should fit loosely enough to accommodate warm clothing, but not so long that they present a tripping hazard.
• If the costumes are darkly colored, care should be taken to add light reflective material to enhance motorist visibility.
• Halloween masks can obscure peripheral vision.  When possible avoid masks and use face paint!  Check for non-toxic, U.S. approved face paints.
• When masks are used, be certain that that nose, mouth and eye openings are large and not obscured.
• Costume accessories should be made from flexible materials; don’t allow children to carry sharp, hard objects.
• Label/pin the child’s costume with name, address and phone number.

• Establish rules for your children before they go out! Establish a return time.  Parents should always accompany children under 12 years of age.
• When possible, go to Neighborhood or Community sponsored Halloween activities.
• Plan the route Trick-or-Treaters intend to follow.  Stick to familiar areas.
• Stop only at houses that are well lit. 
• Make sure Trick-or Treaters have flashlights.  This helps them see and be seen!
• Walk, do not run!  Accidental falls are frequently the cause of Halloween related injuries.
• Have children exit cars on the curb side, not on the traffic side.
• Have a meal prior to Trick-or-Treating.
• Bring treats home for inspection before eating.
• Wash fruit and slice into small pieces.  When in doubt, throe the treat out!

Your Home:
• Prepare homes by clearing porches and walk ways.
• Make sure your property is well lit.
• Keep Jack-O-Lanterns away from areas of Trick-or-Treaters traffic.
• Avoid giving treats that may present a choking hazard, (i.e. gum, peanuts, hard candies, small toys etc.)
• Turn your outside lighting off if you are no longer treating.

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